We provide safe, dry and secure storage for crated - packed ART PIECES. Our warehouse has 24/7 security.
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    Art Storage

    We are Warehouse Storage Company with over 30 years of experience. We have moved to our present location in 2002. We moved into Mill Mead Industrial estate in Tottenham Hale with good communication links and full time security. Our warehouse is 50.000 sq.ft. fully monitored, security and fire detection installed. The air environment is not artificially controlled but is clean and safe.

    Instant Art Storage

    Secure London Warehouse

    Collection/Delivery in hours

    Easy access to your collection

    Viewing rooms available

  • Expected duration of the storage , we charge 3 months minimum to allow for an economic weekly rate charge.

  • Art Storage London
    T/A Leather Mode
    Unit 61, Millmead Ind. Centre
    Millmead Road
    London N17 9QU

    Telephone:+44 (020) 8808 8668
    FAX:+44 (020) 8808 3030

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    We are usually able to respond to price quote requests within 24h. If you need a faster response please call us during normal business hours (7am to 5pm) at 020 8808 8668.

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    Art Storage London
    Unit 61 Millmead Industrial Centre
    Millmead Road
    London N17 9QU
    Phone (020) 8808 8668


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  • links to companies that will pack your art for you.

    We provide safe, dry, and secure storage for crated ART PIECES. All items must be packed prior to collection.

    Click on the links below for more info.

    Art Quest

    Artist Emerging

    Jerry Sartarama

    Pack Sent UK

    Wooden Box UK

    HM Packing


    Edward Baden



    International Shipping

  • Storage Terms and Conditions

    Please be advised we only store packed / crated art work, collection can be organised within 24 hours of quote being submitted. We will need you to provide description of art being stored, dimensions, type of packaging and insured value. The value should be no more then market value, we don’t store items with a value of over £15,000. Expected duration of the storage, we charge 3 months minimum to allow for an economic weekly rate charge.

    All art is valued at the market price or it's insured value, which ever is lower.

    All claims direct or consequential are limited to the declared value or the market value, which ever is lower value.

    We retain lien on all stored items.

    Items stored with rent overdue by 6 months will be sold at the best value price to recover the rent and the balace returned.

    We undertake the safe storage and transport of your art, but limit all claims, however caused to the indicated market value or market price, which ever is lower.

    All disputes are subject to English Law Exclusively

    Waiver and variations to the Terms and Condition are only allowed with written consent of both parties.

Help Line +44(020)8808 8668